Sesión Informativa de Maestrías en USFQ - Tropical Ecology and Conservation

Master´s Program in Tropical Ecology and Conservation Info Session: 


You can have the amazing opportunity to pursue our Master´s Program in Tropical Ecology and Conservation at USFQ. This program aims to form professionals who will contribute to the understanding of the ecological processes that regulate populations, communities, and ecosystems in the Tropics in an evolutionary framework. 


✔️ Field trips across different ecosystems including the Galapagos Islands will be an essential component of the learning process.
✔️ The program will offer a master´s degree, as well as graduate credits for specific courses.
✔️The program is entirely in English. 


Join us in this info session to learn about this opportunity from the Program Director. 

When: March 4th at 4pm Quito Time 

Register here:

More information about the Program here. 

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